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How to improve the performance of multicultural work teams?

How can cultural diversity bring new angles to our perspective?

Discover an activity to make your work teams more aware of the importance of points of view in building solutions. They will realize that this wealth of points of view also comes from the CULTURAL DIVERSITY of the team.

During 75 minutes, participants participate in simple exercises, followed by discussions led by our professional facilitator. The participants are led to question the unambiguous postures which deceive our perception of reality, limit our creativity and our ability to find solutions. The workshop will allow them to initiate a dialogue that will facilitate the integration of everyone in the workplace and increase their ability to find solutions through a more inclusive perspective.

You will be impressed with the results!


With more than 5 years of existence and more than 200 workshops for a total of 6,000 participants, PAAL Partageons le monde, promotes intercultural rapprochement and dialogue through creative, artistic and cultural activities that arouse curiosity and give a taste for to build together a more harmonious society.

In addition to this workshop proposal, PAAL offers IDÉ, a comprehensive training for companies on Diversity, Inclusion and work team Equity, which makes work teams more efficient.

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Pour réserver une formation, communiquez avec Mélanie Turcotte via developpement@paalmtl.org