As parents, we can help our children to learn more about each other, to be respectful in different ways than ours, and to marvel at diversity.

While we watch them with our children, we can have them questions like:

  • What is different from us?

  • What are the elements that are similar to us?

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We share with you our favorite cartoons and movies. Stay tuned for new additions and leave us a comment.  

Cartoons 4 -10 years

Let's to luna

Children who live in a circus are the pretext for learning from cities around the world


Two friends are cycling around the world!

Ollie and Moon

Two cats travel around the planet

Children's films, available in Montreal libraries

At PAAL, one of our favorite directors is Michel d'Ocelot, he makes films that touch the heart and at the same time they have incredible stories!

Kirikou and the wild beasts.

The adventures of Kirikou

Kirikou and the witch

Kirikou and men and women

Stories full of wisdom

Prices et princesses

Encroyable contes pour faire rêver

Azur et Asmar

Deux enfants qui grandissent ensemble et que la vie les sépare #immigration #préjugés

Dilili à Paris

Une histoire pour parler de colonialisme, racisme et égalité

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