Our mission is to promote social cohesion by exposing Montrealers to the rich and diverse cultural communities around them. All of our projects are designed to sensitize participants to cultural diversity through knowledge sharing and the dismantling of social and psychological barriers. Our various workshops target both children and adults, which is why we offer our services at community centers, where people of all ages can participate.

In the past few years, we have held workshops at various community centers such as the St-Raymond and Walkley community centers, the “Centre d’aide aux Familles Latino-Américaines”, the Georges Vanier Cultural Center, “la Petite Maison de la Miséricorde”, and “la Ruche d’Art St-Henri”. We have also held workshops at the Benny, Saul Bellow, “La Petite Patrie”, Côte St-Luc, and "Parc-Extension" libraries, as well as the Redpath and “Pointe-à-Callière” museums.

For more information about our “Tour du Monde” sensitization workshops, please see the document below.

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