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Our intercultural skills development trainings can be carried out in any setting where participants desire to take from an artistic and educational experience. We adapt our workshops to your institutional realities, which allows everyone to participate and benefit from them by enriching their team experiences. We come to our customers and provide all the materials necessary for the activities. Your essential contribution to the workshop is your openness!

Inclusion pARTagée is a series of workshops designed for companies to learn each one how to ask questions that will help develop a more open posture and promote the inclusion of people of color and coming with an immigration background in work teams, through artistic transformative activities.


Discovery activities

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Team building activities



The goals of our workshops are to encourage participants to:

  • Develop their  intercultural skills;

  • Participate in cultural exchanges in order to move towards more harmonious interpersonal relations;

  • Create a dialogue promoting cultural understanding and favoring the integration of BIPOC and new comers into Montreal’s society;

  • Learn tools to combat prejudice, discrimination, and xenophobia.

For more information, contact us!

To book a workshop, please contact Pilar Hernandez via info@paalmtl.org or by telephone at 514 657-3340

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