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We hope to facilitate Montrealers' active participation in cultural life through a range of creative, educational, and dynamic activities. Our history of succesful projects has led to several invitations to various events and festivals around the island. We have led workshops at the “Village au-Pied-du-Courant”, Imagine Monkland, “Petits bonheurs”, “les Dimanches-familles du Musée Pointe-à-Callière”, the “Festi-Pointe de Pointe-Saint-Charles”, and “Traditions du monde de Sherbrooke” festivals. We also participated in the “Nulle p’art ailleurs de la Diversité Artistique de Montreal” event, the Frédéric-Back Park inauguration, and NDG’s Arts Week. We have also repeatedly collaborated with TOHU.

All of our workshops are available for events and festivals in Quebec and are animated by inter-cultural mediation experts. We provide all the necessary supplies  and can adapt our activities based on your specific needs.

Imagine Monkland Festival

Leonardo del Paseo, "passeur de culture"

Sculpture by Rafael Benitez and Mathieu René 

NDG Arts Week

Making dolls out of corn leaves

"Dimanches-familles, Musée Pointe-à-Callière"

Making and exchanging wampums in remembrance of the Great Peace of Montreal

"Festival Petits bonheurs"

Aztec mask making!

"Village au-Pied-du-Courant" Festival

Making and destroying piñatas!

"Traditions du monde" Festival, Sherbrooke

Making Ojo de Dios, inspired by the story of Tau: the Sun God of the Wizàrika people

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