“Dia de muertos NDG” (Day of the dead) is a festival we hold every year in collaboration with “Café 92” the local Mexican community living in Montreal. Every year the last days of October and first days of November, participants are invited to take part in the festivities: traditional altar decoration, the exhibition of artists’ work, Mexican music, and the eating of Pan de Muerto. Thanks to this free and open activity, local communities have the opportunity to have an authentic Mexican experience and to discover the richness of Mexican culture.

Participants are invited to discuss and discover their various beliefs about life and death, as well as the ways they honour their dead. Dialogue such as this helps to bridge cultures as it enables members of the community to familiarize themselves with different views and beliefs, and discuss something that affects everyone. Discussions like these create mutual understandings that encourage open-mindedness and social cohesion in the long term.

If you wish to participate in the organization of this event as a partner or sponsor, or if you wish to procure a kiosk as a vendor, please contact Pilar Hernandez at info@paalmtl.org or by phone at 514-657-4430.

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