Dia de Muertos Ahuntsic

After the success of the Dia de Muertos NDG event in 2017, PAAL decided to add a second event so that even more people could celebrate this Mexican festival. Therefore, on October 27th 2018, PAAL held the very first Dia de Muertos Ahuntsic at the “Maison de la culture d’Ahuntsic”. Throughout the exposition and altar decoration participants were able to discover the meaning of life and death, as it is interpreted in Mexican culture, and to exchange their own sentiments and opinions on these topics.

The goal of this event is to explore Mexican culture and to encourage dialogue between members of diverse communities so that Montrealers can feel proud about belonging to such a unique, rich, and diverse city. A well integrated community is a welcoming and open-minded one, free of fear of the “Other”. Discovering the meaning behind customs and traditions from multiple communities helps to reduce cultural dissonance and encourage social cohesiveness.

If you wish to participate in this event as either a partner or a sponsor, or if you wish to procure a kiosk as a vendor, please contact Pilar Hernandez at info@paalmtl.org or by phone at 514-657-4430.

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