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Our various workshops contribute to citizens’ cultural awakening across the Island of Montreal. We work within three major pillars of society: schools, the wider community, and events and festivals. Our inter-cultural mediation can, however, occur wherever clients wish to take part in an artistic, educational, and unique cultural experience. Workshops are adapted to the age of the participants which allows everyone to participate and enrich their cultural knowledge. Additionally, we travel to our clients and provide any and all materials required to run the workshop. All you have to bring is open-mindedness and a smile!


Discovery activities

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Team building activities



The goals of our workshops are to encourage participants to:

  • develop their skills and cultural awareness;

  • enrich their knowledge of the oral cultures and substance of the many cultural groups that make up Montreal;

  • participate in cultural exchanges in order to move towards more harmonious living;

  • participate in a dialogue promoting cultural unity and favouring the integration of new arrivals into Montreal’s society;

  • learn tools to combat prejudice, discrimination, and xenophobia.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of the workshops we offer.

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To book a workshop, please contact Pilar Hernandez via info@paalmtl.org or by telephone at 514 657-3340!

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